Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds


SPPL TPE-S compounds are made from SBC, polyolefinic thermoplastic, suitable plasticizer, inorganic filler and some other additives. Available in the from of natural or coloured granules. Optimized and well balanced combination of important properties of different graders of TPE-S will help the product made from SPPL TPE-S long term performance and to meet the specification required by material and design engineers. SPPL TPE-S can be matched to your required colour with sufficient UV resistance characteristic for outdoor use.

  • High elastic recovery.
  • Good weather resistance.
  • Resistant to chemical e.g acids, alkalis.
  • Resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Good vibration dumping characteristics.
  • Flexibility at low temp.
  • Low compression set
  • Very good adhesion to various commonly used thermoplastic.



TPE-U is a specially formulated TPE compound with very good mechanical properties and oil resistance characteristics. It provides excellent resistance to various aggressive external/ambient condition encountered by the finished product, during service.

  • High Tensile
  • High Elongation
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Very good weather resistance
  • Good fuel resistance
  • Easy process ability



TPO compounds are multiphase composition in which one phase is rigid thermoplastic and the other phase in an elastomeric material. Generally, their chemical nature permits a fair compatibility between the two major important polymeric components. SPPL manufacture TPE-Os mainly for automotive Components, wire & Cable and industrial/ Household Appliances.
Besides the major polymeric compounds in SPPL TPE-os different functional filler and additives are also incorporated. All these are to bring a well balanced optimum properties for long term performance and to meet the specification required by material and design Engineers. All SPPL TPE-Os can be colour matched and with sufficient UV resistance characteristics to pass accelerated weathering test. SPPL can offer TPE-Os with high MRF at the same time maintaining required Physical properties, low weight, stiffness and impact balance.